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What means POWER-TO-HEAT?

The term POWER-TO-HEAT (P2H) describes a process in which electrical energy, preferably from renewable energy sources, is converted into thermal energy. The conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy is typically carried out in the industrial sector with electric or electrode boilers. The thermal energy can either be used directly or stored. The concept can help optimize energy production from renewable energy sources and reduce the demand for fossil fuels.

An electric boiler converts electrical energy by means of electrical heating elements, which are heated by electric current and then transfer the heat to the water. Electric boilers are considered an effective and reliable method of heat supply, but require additional water treatment to ensure long-term trouble-free and low-maintenance operation of the system.

An electrode boiler also converts electrical energy into heat. Unlike an electric boiler, an electrode boiler has no heating elements. In contrast, the electrodes are in direct contact with boiler water during boiler operation, so that electric current flows directly through the working medium. The heat is generated and absorbed directly in the water due to the electrical resistance. The conductivity of the boiler water is adjusted to achieve the desired effect.

Both electric and electrode boilers are suitable for hot water and steam generation. For steam generation, saturated steam as well as superheated steam (additional equipment required) can be produced. Both types of boilers allow renewable electrical energy to be converted into heat and steam quickly, efficiently and in large quantities.

DSD Power Technologies GmbH Power to Heat

What are the advantages of electric and electrode boilers?

  • Compact design (up to 60 MW per boiler)
  • High pressure steam up to 85 bar
  • Combined hot water and steam generation
  • Large load range and fast load ramps
  • CO2-free heat production
  • High efficiency (> 99%)
  • Reliability and durability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • No noise emissions

    DSD's scope of services includes:

    • Feasibility and concept studies
    • Support with approval planning
    • Project planning and project management of P2H projects
    • Planning, calculation and construction of the complete P2H plant
    • Delivery and installation of the P2H plant technology
    • Measurement and control technology of the P2H plant
    • Mechanical and electrical installation
    • Assembly and installation supervision
    • Commissioning and trial operation
    • Maintenance and service

    As a general contractor (EPC), DSD offers you turnkey technical solutions adapted to customer requirements. DSD works with renowned suppliers.