The DSD Steel Group GmbH

Over 600 employees are working for you!

A strong group with many competencies

DSD Steel Group GmbH is a full-service provider that plans, designs, delivers and installs tailor-made projects – everything from a single source and optimally tailored to the requirements of the market.

DSD Montagetechnik GmbH

Henry-Ford-Str. 110
D-66740 Saarlouis

DSD Industrie Rohrtechnik GmbH

Carl-Friedrich-Benz Str.
2 D-04509 Delitzsch


Alfred-Nobel-Str. 20
D-97080 Würzburg


Laacher Weg 5
D-56598 Rheinbrohl

DSD Industrieanlagen Technik GmbH

Straße 16, Nr. 29
(Industrial park ArcelorMittal)
D-15890 Eisenhüttenstadt

Ferrostahl Maintenance Eisenhüttenstadt GmbH

Straße 23, Nr. 1
D-15890 Eisenhüttenstadt

DSD Coating GmbH

Alfred-Nobel-Str. 20
D-97080 Würzburg

DSD Power Technologies GmbH

Landsberger Allee 117a
D-10407 Berlin


Condominio Empresarial da Moita – Bloco I
Abreu Pequeno
2860-579 Moita, Portugal

Setilgest Serviços Técnicos de Gestão e Engenharia, S.A.

Rua D. Luis de Noronha,
n.° 4-5
1050-072 Lisboa

DSD Konstrukcije d.o.o.

Rimska ulica 4
2310 Slovenska Bistrica


C/Cardenal Cienfuegos N° 3
C.P 33007 Oviedo, Asturias

DSD Solarvent GmbH

Henry-Ford-Str. 110
D-66740 Saarlouis

Site Parey

Parchener Str. 27
D-39317 Elbe-Parey

Business areas of the DSD Steel Group

Quality has the highest priority within the DSD Steel Group GmbH. The group is an internationally active, reliable partner who plans, designs, assembles and puts into operation tailor-made projects for its customers.


New construction and maintenance of metallurgical plants such as blast furnaces, rolling mills or continuous casting plants.

Process technology

Development, calculation, construction, manufacture, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of pipeline systems, apparatus, containers and steel structures for power plants, water treatment and industrial plants.

Hydraulic steel construction

Planning of the steel construction including the drive technology and the associated controls up to commissioning.

Container crane construction

Realization of projects in the container crane construction segment, from project planning and construction through production to assembly and commissioning.

Corrosion protection

We offer mechanical and chemical corrosion protection measures in steel water engineering, bridge and plant construction, as well as protective measures for concrete parts as well as decoating of contaminated old paintwork.

Energy systems

Planning, building, maintenance and modernization of energy systems as well as retrofitting with the latest environmental technology as well as fuel change including co-combustion of secondary fuels as part of the structural change in the energy industry.

Onshore / Offshore

In the “Onshore / Offshore” business field, the DSD Steel Group offers operators of wind power plants as well as oil and gas production efficient and solution-oriented services.

Building construction

Planning through to the acceptance of steel structures such as heavy hall construction, crane runway girders, stair towers, stages and platforms as well as substructures and superstructures.