The DSD Power Technologies GmbH

Our highly qualified team has long-standing references in successfully completed projects in the specialist areas

DSD Power Technologies GmbH


We are expanding and have strengthened our team with highly experienced employees in the power plant/energy industry:

  • Acquisition of the company ProPlan with experienced electrical engineers
    (responsible, inter alia, for the greater Cottbus area)
  • Takeover of experts from GE Stuttgart with decades of experience (responsible for the greater Stuttgart/Esslingen area)

In order to increase our reach for customers and subcontractors, we have set up two new offices on 01.01.2023:


An der Pastoa 13, 03042 Cottbus 


Steinbeisstraße 40, 73730 Esslingen

DSD Power Technologies GmbH is part of an international group of companies.
The service portfolio covers the following core areas:

Projects as general contractor 

  • Co-combustion of secondary fuel
  • Waste heat steam generators
  • Biomass plants
  • Electrode boiler plants

Power to Heat

  • Electrode boilers
  • Electrode superheater
  • Heat pumps

Modernization of existing plants in energy plant construction

  • Environmental retrofits
  • Emission reduction
  • Performance improvement
  • Efficiency increase
  • Lifetime extension

Maintenance and repair of all types of energy equipment construction

  • Carrying out maintenance, repair and overhaul services on:
  • Power generation plants
  • Steam generators / steam generator pressure parts
  • Firing systems
  • Coal grinding plants
  • Piping systems
  • Dust removal / desulfurization / denitrification
  • Mechanical systems (coaling, heat recovery systems, air preheaters, ash removal, water treatment, shut-off and safety devices)
  • Troubleshooting


  • Process Engineering
  • Basic Engineering (planning services)
  • Detail Engineering

Supply and manufacturing supervision

  • Pressure part manufacturing
  • Production, delivery of components in power plant construction

Framework contract works

Regular maintenance and servicing of steam generators and pipelines